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Jagprint ULTRA in the field

Hello all, 

Its been a while since Ive posted. Its given me some time to put both the economic ABS offered from Jagprint to the test as well as the NEW Ultra ABS. 

Below are prints with the Basic filament. I have had the prints in my bathroom as a soap holder and other odd and ends on my Motorcycle.


Here they are after an entire summer of riding. The last two are of my plate bracket



Lastly a print that I used to hold a neighbors garbage can top together. Very smooth layers printed at a .2 layer height @225 degrees. No lift off of my bed (80 deg) with only hairspray as the adherence to the bed. Im still working on getting the flow correct so there is less spacing between the layers. Also fighting an unlevel bed (very hard to get correct on Delta style printers). 

Let me say firstly that the consistency of the ultra series filament is awesome. No jams through the bowden tube that delta style printers must have. 

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